Wood trimming machine MSM-1


Designed for cutting edged and unedged boards, beams, slats, as well as moldings.

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The work of trimming machines is based on the principle of cutting wood across the fibers. Trimming machine MSM-1 is designed for cutting edged and unedged boards, beams, rails, as well as moldings. Traditionally, the fibers in such preforms are located along their greater side, so for trimming machines, a short tool stroke is characteristic. During the operation of the machine, the saw rotates, is fed to the workpiece, as a result of which the lateral division of the latter occurs.

Miter machine MSM-1 can perform the following functions:

  1. trimming of the ends;
  2. dividing the workpiece;
  3. a selection of defective places (knots, rot, etc.);
  4. cutting a workpiece of measured length.

Technical characteristics of trimming models

  • Board thickness does not exceed 85 mm
  • Board width (cut length) 450 mm
  • Saw speed 2880 rpm
  • Power 3 kW
  • Saw parameters 400 * 32/50 * 56 / 72z

Miter saws are usually equipped with carbide teeth. The tooth sharpening angles for such saws correspond to the “across the fibers” cutting mode and contribute to the effective cutting of wood, without the formation of chips and tearing or crushing of lumber.

The saw rotational speed of 2880 rpm allows you to develop a standard cutting speed of 60–70 m / s. MSM-1 uses a saw with a diameter of D = 400. You can also purchase high-quality circular saws of any diameter from us, with or without soldering, with cutting knives, dowels.

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