Trade Mark Lenker has started production of the new model of horizontal band saw machine HBS-3M! 

TM Lenker presents the new modernized horizontal band saw machine the HBS-3M. 

HBS-3M horizontal band sawmill is combined and modernized model version of the HBS-3 and HBS-5 models. 

The many years of experience of our specialists, as well as the use of modern technologies and innovations, have made it possible to improve all the key components of the machine. 

The Lenker HBS-3M is easy to set up and operate, while still providing high-performance and functional equipment. 

The key benefits of this model are cost reduction for those. service, high-quality lumber, meeting safety requirements. 

The main advantages of the upgraded Lenker HBS-3M sawmill: 

-The updated design of the saw carriage makes it easy to set up the sawmill without the help of specialists. 

–  Adjustable tables are placed on the lintels of the road, thanks to which the sawn material is placed parallel to the sawmill blade. Due to the protrusion of the table over the area along which the saw carriage moves, its damage is eliminated. 

– The track is produced out of 80 rectangular tube with milled strip 6 mm in width. 

– The saw head of the HBS-3M moves up and down on the guides with the help of cable. The saw head of HBS-5 moves up with the help of rollers that must be grinded and mounted. 

– Blade guide support is mounted optionally. 

– A limiter is located on the lifting mechanism to eliminate shock and failure of the mechanism elements 

– The saw tension mechanism works both in the direction of tension and in the direction of weakening, everything is regulated by one screw 

– The pulleys are adjustable both vertically and horizontally and are fixed with bolts. This allows you to clearly adjust the pulley and reduce the load, wear the saw, reduce noise during operation 

– The mechanism of the saw unit is made so that it is not the roller that is regulated, but the shaft on which this roller is placed, horizontally and vertically. Having adjusted the roller once, the operator has no need to constantly monitor and adjust it 

– For safety reasons, end guards are installed on the guards of the saw unit, which turn off the power of the power-saw bench if the guard cover is opened 

– The possibility of retrofitting with an electronic ruler, automatic feed of the saw carriage and debarker. 

The tracks can be dismantled into 2.5 m sections, which is convenient for transportation. 

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